The World Bee Count

Introducing the World Bee Count

The World Bee Count's mission is to count every pollinator in the world. Global citizens are encouraged to download The World Bee Count app, take a photo of any pollinator that they see in its natural habitat and await The Global Pollinator Map. This interactive map will highlight key insights about pollinators from information gained by the collective efforts of citizen scientists around the world. The Global Pollinator Map powered by SAS on its new SAS Viya platform, will be released on World Bee Day (May 20, 2020), in an effort to engage and educate people on the current state of pollinators. 

The central effort of the movement is the World Bee Count – an annual endeavour to count, document, and share pictures of pollinators, driven by citizens and the global scientific community. Using a smartphone application to be released in early May, citizens of the world take pictures, upload them, and amplify awareness through social media sharing.

CARE's Involvement

The Center for Analytics Research and Education will assist with visual analytics, data management and analysis of information collected in The World Bee Count. This project is part of the Center's long-running Bee and Pollinator research stream, supported in part by SAS, Project Apis m., Bayer and others. 

Bees count on us. We count on you. Please aid in our cause by donating to The World Bee Count or following our social media accounts.

Thanks to Our Supporters

CARE is grateful to our partners providing funding, data, mentorship and support of our pollinator research. These include: 


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