The mission of the Center for Analytics Research & Education (CARE) is to engage and utilize the knowledge of our students, faculty, and staff to help promote pro-social behavioral change within organizations and society.


To promote and enhance the reputation of the university and the center, CARE will live by the motto "Analytics for Good" by avoiding projects that would have a negative impact on society and seeking out those that have a positive impact.

Two primary components that are inextricably linked:

  1. Research
    1. Gain new knowledge through academic research, conferences and papers.
    2. Applied projects, such as consulting and workshops.
    3. Provide support to help internal and external systems through increasing the quantity and quality of data collection and analyses.
  2. Education
    1. Support to degree program by hosting and supporting projects for students.
    2. Executive education through consulting and workshops.
    3. Help university think about ways to improve the education process.

Big data is inherently interdisciplinary and the need to appeal to all disciplines demonstrating the enhancement of research and other hidden relationships is vital to the advancement of the university.