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The Center for Analytics Research and Education (CARE) is housed within the Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University. The mission of CARE is to engage and utilize the knowledge of students, faculty and staff to help promote prosocial behavioral change within organizations and society. Specifically, CARE uses big data and analytics for research in sustainability, education, economic development, human resources science, and health and wellness. 

CARE members build on academic research through conferences and papers and applied projects, such as consulting and workshops. Faculty members also provide support to help internal and external systems through increasing the quantity and quality of data collection and analyses.

Introducing the Professional Certificate in Business Analytics!

The CARE executive team is excited to announce the Professional Certificate in Business Analytics, an online course taught by CARE faculty and affiliates, launching Spring 2020. The Business Analytics certificate has been designed for tech-savvy managers who have baseline experience with data analytics, who will learn to use SAS Viya for leveraging business decisions. These individuals hold, or are working toward, positions in which they need to better utilize the data they have to make strong business insights. Participants will learn to identify the right projects and execute them to deliver measurable value to the organization, techniques in aggregating data from diverse sets, and the principles of data management. Additionally, they will master important visualization principles, experience building and analyzing predictive models using SAS Viya, and study best practices in text mining. Lastly, participants will hear from industry leaders and experts on advanced topics.  

What is Analytics?

four types of analytics as a mountain, with descriptive at the base, building toward diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive at the summit

Although the answer to that question varies, analytics can be simply explained as a process by which information is turned into insights for decision making. As data is generated at an unprecedentedly rapid pace (an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day!), the ability to interpret this data effectively and efficiently is more important than ever before. By using various statistical and computational tools we can find the patterns behind the data, ask the best possible questions, and come up with the best insights. While this vast quantity of data can be daunting, the capabilities to sift through it have never been as good as they are right now, which is where CARE comes in. 

Learn more about big data and the four types of analytics.

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