Professional Certificate in Business Analytics

About the Certificate Program


The Professional Certificate in Business Analytics program has been designed for tech-savvy managers who have baseline experience with data analytics, who will learn to use SAS Viya for leveraging business decisions. These individuals hold, or are working toward, positions in which they need to better utilize the data they have to make strong business insights. Participants will learn to identify the right projects and execute them to deliver measurable value to the organization, techniques in aggregating data from diverse sets, and the principles of data management. This program will cover many of the topics on the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®) certification exam from INFORMS (The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) to up-level your SAS Viya skills. Additionally, participants will master important visualization principles, experience building and analyzing predictive models, and study best practices in text mining. Lastly, participants will hear from industry leaders and experts on advanced topics.  To learn more about the program, visit the full program page.

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Program Layout

Course 1 - The Business Side of Analytics

Course 2 - Data Management

Course 3 - Data Discovery

Course 4 - Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

Course 5 - Advisory Analytics

Key Concepts

Analytics Methodology - Gain an understanding of popular analytics processes, including CRISP-DM, SEMMA, ACTEVA and the INFORMS CAP methodology.

Data Management - Learn techniques in aggregating data from diverse sets, SQL, principles of data management, and exploration.

Visual Analytics - Master important visualization principles, utilizing SAS Visual Analytics and concepts from Tufte’s work.

Predictive Analytics - Experience building and analyzing predictive models using SAS Enterprise Miner.

Text Mining - Study best practices in text mining, such as sentiment and content analysis, Zipf’s Law, and other principles.

How to Register

1: Register for the course by clicking here.

2: Provide a paragraph personal statement of why you would like to enroll in the program.

3: Submit your payment.

Participants in our Professional Business Analytics Certificate can qualify for some private loan options. If you have further questions, please contact or call 828-262-2190

Partnership with SAS

The Professional Certificate in Business Analytics utilizes the cutting-edge cloud based platform, SAS Viya, to enhance participants' knowledge and skills in modern analytics tools. This partnership between Appalachian State University and SAS allows participants to also receive a SAS joint certificate upon completion of the program.