Richard E.L. (Dick) Rogers, M.Sc.

Richard (Dick) Rogers is Principal Scientist with Bayer, Crop Science Division, where he manages the Bee Health & Integrated Apiculture Research Program, having played a key role in the development and running of the North American Bayer Bee Care Center. A native of Nova Scotia, Canada, Dick received his BSc from Acadia University (Wolfville, Nova Scotia), and his MSc from McGill University (Montreal, Quebec).

An entomologist with over four decades of experience in research and extension, Dick has been keeping and studying honey bees since 1973, including running his own small, commercial beekeeping operation, and serving as a provincial apiculturist in Canada. At Bayer, he seeks to identify, evaluate and develop tools and management practices to protect and improve honey bee health, while also working to support biodiversity and sustainability initiatives.

Dick has been an Honorary Research Associate/Adjunct Professor, External Scholar, and is, or has been, a member of the Nova Scotia Institute of Agrologists, Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists, American Association of Professional Apiculturists, Honey Bee Health Coalition, Entomological Society of America, and International Commission on Plant-Pollinator Relationships, as well as numerous other smaller organizations.

Dick was recently appointed Associate Research Fellow at Appalachian State University in the Center for Analytics Research and Education (CARE), Department of Computer Information Systems (CIS). This appointment will further strengthen an already productive collaboration that seeks to develop, evaluate and implement practical digital tools and processes for advancing sustainable apiculture globally.

Dick’s favorite pastime is dancing, which he feels keeps him light on his feet while providing tremendous mental and physical health benefits. He also enjoys listening to music, and choreographing dances, among many other interests.

Title: Associate Research Fellow

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