Michael Rubinigg, Ph.D.

Michael Rubinigg completed a Ph.D. in plant physiology at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Michaels experience includes a position as a software developer in Leoben, Austria and as a researcher in the Department of Bioanalysis of Merck Serono/EMD Serono in Ivrea, Italy, where he was responsible for laboratory automation. He now works as a scientific officer for the Austrian Beekeeping Federation in Vienna, Austria. He is the owner of a professional beekeeping operation, works as an assistant to the local veterinary authority, teaches queen breeding and biology in professional training programmes for beekeepers and is a member of the working group ‘honey’ at COPA-COGECA, an interest group for European farmers. He is also the owner of an IT company and develops software for risk analysis of endemic honey bee diseases. His current research interests are the prediction and prevention of honey bee diseases and technical innovation of data acquisition/data analysis systems for honey bee queen breeding and plant pollination.

Title: Research Associate

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